What I didn’t know before birth No 2

Ladies, if you’re having a C-Section I have two little words for you – Cavity. Wind.

There is obviously lots of things internally that get shifted about during a Section, it is a major operation and what with all the organs and blood and whatnot.  With all that going on it stands to reason, that air will get mixed in with that.  Lovely.

I was in agony for a week with it, bouncing about inside.  You can’t burp it out, or fart.  It’s there. Bouncing around internally until it decides to be absorbed into your body.  It caused pain around my wound and stomach for 4 days until it travelled to my shoulder.  This is common, don’t ask me why it migrates North for the summer, it does.  Goes from a pain in the arse to a pain in the neck.

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